KPSP Crosswind Challenge

Palm Spring Takeoff Challenge

I know, this isn’t a total “challenge” but that’s what it is in my view, so I decided to challenge myself!

I don’t know what I was expecting in the Decathlon for some 34kts gusting up to 52kts but why not?

What were you flying?

Fly safe!


Post in the other topic please


I was part way into posting this when I reminded myself to change the topic and I had just forgot to change it all of a sudden. Sorry for that. Take care.

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It’s fine! I will mark as duplicate :)

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Don´t do that, just flag it.

The goal of this was not just to ask what people were flying. It was for the most part to just state what I had flew.

We are expected to get 80 mph winds in socal tonight. Power might go out!

I also flagged it… I just want to make sure users post in the right topic :) If there are two, they might not know which to post in

You don’t need to put “[Duplicate]” in the title. Simply flag it for the mods to see. :)