KPSP Approach Controller (training sever)

To the Approach Controller who kept sending me on guard warnings while I was on downwind, base, and final thank you! You succeeded in messing up my landing, and my communication with the actual tower was thrown off…thanks again. I suggest watching some tutorial videos to help you out. Sorry for sounding curt.

This happened minute s ago (from the time of this post) while flying Air force One.

Expert server is the place you want to fly from now on then. ;) We know what we are doing there. :)


Misha is now going to have to change his typical message from “playground lol” to “training server lol” now :)


Personally I would love to fly on the advanced server, but there’s just not enough people on it. I don’t know why. But I like the takeoff ques, the landing ques, the traffic, the crowed skies, the long line of approaching aircraft. I like it, but it’s not in the advanced

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Hmm, it feels like you have never been on the expert server then. During the weekends and FNF’s. There is usually a LONG approach line into airports, and the takeoff que can often be up to 15 aircrafts all the time if it’s only between 2 airports everyone is flying. But even now during the evenings there is often around 60-70 pilots in 1 region. :)

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That’s another thing everyone plays at Hawaii on the expert server and Southern California on the Training Server. So for the most part ATC Is only in those regions again for the most part. l have payed on all the servers. I’m just not the type of pilot who enjoys flying around one state everyday.

Uh excuse me? On the Training server, EVERY single day SoCal is active.
But on the expert server we often change region every day. I can also admit some regions is used more than others. But we almost never have the same region 2 days in a row. :)

I understand what you mean I’m just speaking very very broadly and in general. Generally speaking Everytime I look the sky’s are more crowed in the Hawaii region more than any other region.

Fly on expert if you want a realistic experience.