KPSP Approach Channel

I noticed this while practicing Approach on Playground. The channel details run out of the side box. It has happened three times, and only does this at KPSP.

How to Reproduce:

  1. Open Infinite Flight
  2. Select Approach control frequency on ATC Playground and hit fly.
  3. When it loads, you will notice this problem appearing at the bottom left.

Device: IPad Air 32 Gig
Latest IOS and latest aversion of Infinite Flight.

Isn’t that just the name of it?

Oh I see it went out of the box

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Yes but it doesn’t fit inside the box as it should.

It also goes of the screen on the left side.

I have redone this airport, and renamed this frequency so this won’t happen as per the next ‘push’ (update’) :).

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