KPNA Spotting!

This really isn’t Spotting but I got some ok pictures of today at the Pensacola Nas airshow, featuring some cool military jets.

image image image image

It was hard to get good pictures due to the high amount of people at Pensacola NAS.

Sorry if the pictures were low quality, high crowd.

Saw The Blue Angels on their homecoming, F-35, F-22, F-14, C-130T Fat Albert 😉, P-51 Mustang. And lots more. Didn’t get many photos, this is a must go to air show, and it’s free!


Great shots. I love going on base and seeing the blue angels

Thanks! It’s an amazing sight to see!

Hello, you 23 photos on this topic, it is limited to 10 photos. Please remove 13 photos, thank.

That’s awesome !! I went to a Blue Angels Air Show a few years ago in Pennsylvania. It was amazing.

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I think that Fat Albert pic should go to @spottingfails on Instagram 😂

But seriously good pics overall. 👍🏽

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Amazing pictures! What camera did you use?

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My phone! 😂


Oh lol! Those are still really good!

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Thanks! It means a lot!

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