KPIT Tower [OPEN] [TS1]

KPIT tower is open on training pleas come fly

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Fixed the title and did the favor of moving it to #live:atc for you.


Thank you keep forgeting to put things in the right catagory

I’m on my way! Southwest 3522

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Why aren’t you controlling ground?

Oh yes you can do too one second

Ok, here’s some feedback:

  • You should always wait for someone to announce that they are ready for takeoff before clearing them, that way they have a chance to tell you their intentions. And in my case, i had to make a last minute fuel adjustment.
  • You don’t need to clear me to land after already clearing me for the option.
  • You don’t need to tell me to enter right downwind after a touch and go when I am doing just that.

Also, I’m not sure why you weren’t controlling ground at the beginning. If it’s not busy, you should always control both tower and ground.

Nice job on the runway change and runway exit. :)


Thanks for flying at KPIT nive landing by the way

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Sure no problem! PIT is a nice airport that I’ve been to many times. :)

Thanks for the feed back dont do ATC much

Any time! Keep working and maybe we’ll see you on expert one day.

Maby, still perfir flying to controling, glad there are people who like that though having been at LA or NYC on Unicom

If there is heavy traffic (aka tight space/timing for departures and arrivals) then I think he can give the command without waiting for intentions, no?

Although in this session specifically, I don’t think there was heavy traffic. But just in general…

To be fair he had requested it at the gate, amd I responded to hold short not seeing his position knowing their was trafuc on final, and once the traffic was landed I cleared him not realizeing he was still taxing

Still should have payed more attention to his position not just his runway request and other known traffic

Ok that’s fine, I was specifically referring to when you have an aircraft at the hold short line not moving or asking for anything.

No. When someone is at the hold short line, then they request clearance. That way, if they want to remain in the pattern then the controller will tell them right or left traffic, if not then the controller can know which way they plan on departing and can manage the traffic accordingly.

Well glad someone knows this stuf becuais I dont

I remember differently unfortunately, and I have had experiences where IFATC controllers will not wait for intentions to clear me when there is heavy traffic.

This would be a good question for an IFATC trainer.

I never clear anyone without intentions, especially when it’s busy

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