(KPIT) IFATC training... [CLOSED]

I am getting ready to take a dive into IFATC, and want the comunities feed back, I am not quite there yet, but want your help to get there and improve myself, becuais there is a big diffrance between having 500ops, and being a good ATC…

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Where are you, ‘cause I went to YSSY…

On training? That is whare I am, check your server

Um okay I’ll be on training in an Air Canada Boeing 747 200

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Great, thanks for coming down!

Everything good Q-jet?

Thanks to anyone who has already came out, and anyone who hasnt, I welcome you to do so

Im coming to fly patterns with an f-16 :D

tower is offline now. why?

Sorry, my Ipad died, I am about to be back on… you can come down now

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