KPIT ATC Training Thread [Closed]

Pleas post coments below on how my ATC is, and check back to hear about ware I am controlling!

Your title has a misspelling.

The word “training thread” is actually “traUning thread”

I’d change for you, but I recently lost regular. Just pointing that out for you ;)

If you could somehow magically make me completely finish all my homework, I would join XD

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Thanks! I probably wolnt be open for very long so that stinks, hope your HW goes well…

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Coming by for a little bit.

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Woopie! It is quite boring controling when there is no one to control😂

It’s always boring the first half an hour. Just wait for people to attend. :)

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Pretty sure @GolferRyan just crashed exiting the runway 😂

Very good service. 👍🏻 One thing I’d say is to not give people pattern entries right after takeoff, as that was already issued in the takeoff clearance.


Yep tried to make too tight a turn 😂

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Ok, will do thanks for stopping by!

Kenya 1 with the taxi to runway 32 though 😂

Open again at KPIT…

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I might join you for patterns!

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Thanks for coming down!

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Sorry I had to close up suddenly folks, thanks for coming down!

Open at KPIT again, stop by why dont you?

Wny not…will spawn in a few.:)

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Ok, had to close up shop, thanks to all that stopped by!

Feedback @KPIT

▪Very late clearences for the option both times
▪I requested two times RNW change because I wanted to see your sequence skills. When Me and my friend @LachyRobertson where on 28 L I was number 1 correctly. But you didnt sequence Lachy behind me and instead of that you told him I ll call your base. No need for that. Just sequence and he knows what traffic to follow!!
▪ No exit command. When I exited I requested frequency change and you told me :“when able turn right…”. If you miss when an ac exits just tell to contact ground

(After I exit and contact ground you told me taxi to parking and cross RNW 28C.You can easily tell me exit right, cross or hold shory RNW XX when still on Tower)

Thanks for opening today. Nice airport selection😉

Cheers, Thomas

Thanks for the feedback, much appriciated! @Thomas_G

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