KPIT ATC tracking thread [Closed]

Here I will tell you whare I am doing some controling, all will be on TS for now. Set this page to watching if you want to get notified when and whare I am doing ATC, and feel free to PM me or post here any sigestions (this is the main reason I am doing this to get sigestions) Primarly I will be opening KPIT, but other airports too.

Open at KPIT for a short while

Please just stick to your original topic unless you cannot edit your title or your post

I totaly for got about that, sorry, but I checked, and it wolnt let me edit, is that abnormal?

@Intelflight seems to be enjoying the ikea approach…

@KPIT it makes a little more sense if you clear me for the option as I am remaining in the pattern

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Thanks for pointing this out😀

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Did I approve you twice in that loop?

Ya I looked down at IFC on my phone (I am controlong from my Ipad), and I looked back and was like zeez he is on final, better clear him, and the I was like, oh… Wait a second…

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10/10 on that last one, but over all your C208 landings are verry good, that aircraft always illuded me interms of smoothness

Haha that was hilarious

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Was about to sigest that it seems the winds on 28 are too unfavorable, well back to the Ikea approach…

Yeah that’s why I changed

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Could happen once a post gets old, just flag your old one and a mod will close it for you. And in this case you can stick to this thread because you can’t do anything about the old one

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Of my count is correct I already have 16 opps just from you @Intelflight

The Ikea approach is busy today

Good job! No complaints.

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Open at KPIT may be there for a while

Open at Lulka (VNLK)