KPIA on expert today

Sorry to those many many pilots who I abandoned. My app crashed and when I cam back it kept crashing. I had about 15-20 flights on the approach frequency and started to hold stack some pilots.

Again my apologies to those who were impacted.


And also around 15 mins later, to the ones with tower. Network was just too unstable to control, sorry.

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There seems to have been many issues with connections recently, been suffering same from pilots perspective last few flights including FNF as well.

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I’ve noticed that when I fly if I press home or go to another open app that it will often kill my connection and I disappear. Avoid multi-tasking and see if that helps.

Chicago is the worst of all regions. Should avoid this region in my opinion until it is fixed


My wife says I should not multi-task at any time… But that is a different story!


Goodness me, an app crash, then a fire? KPIA seems to be a hotspot (pun not intended) for issues today.

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