• Aircraft and Livery: 787-9 American Airlines

  • Route: R0158 UXCUN D101H MARLO L09LT RW09L EGLL

  • Time of Departure: April 6, 2020 | 0230Z | 10:30PM | 22:30

  • Server: Training Server

  • Additional Information: Gate 19, Gate 23, Gate 24, Gate 25, and Gate 26. This flight is from Phoenix (KPHX) To London (EGLL)

Your title should be more like KPHX to EGLL… @ KPHX - 062230ZAPR20

Hey there! Please be sure to follow all the rules of the #live:groupflights category before posting.

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Sorry r u guys joining my flight

Also, your zulu time is wrong. If you’re leaving at 10:30PM EST, your zulu time will be 0230Z

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the group flight because I have already made a group flight tonight.

How did u find it out I have tried that’s what I have found

How many of you guys are joining my flight

Once again, no one can join your flight because it does not comply with group flight rules. Please check the rules here:

Go on google and type in eastern time to Zulu time conversion. There are websites that’ll tell you

@cptlogue people can still join if it does not follow the rules it just means it is grounds for closing the topic

Everyone calm down! Geez, give the guy a break!

I fixed the title for you :)

Sounds like a great group flight! I wish I could make it, but that’ll be too late for me.

Thanks bro

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