These photos are from my flight from KPHX-KBUF. This flight was logged with SWV and flown for the KPHX event. Hope yall like the photos.


You may only post up to 10 pictures. Just pick your top 10. Sorry. Great pictures though!

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You should read the rules, before posting more than 10 photos, and they are not bad at all.
I liked this

@joslleymiguel_holand and @Plane-Train-TV is that better?

@Plane-Train-TV and @joslleymiguel_holand, it would probably be better if you sent him a PM about not posting more than 10 photos per topic, it can be some what embarrassing for @HadenJohnson when 2 different people at different time tell him he has made a mistake.


@Mavic You’re right, I did not want to create an embarrassing situation for him, but our message was sent almost simultaneously, @HadenJohnson I’m sorry if I’ve caused any kind of embarrassment for you

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Naaa hun at all. It’s actually weird’s me out that yall are TALKING about not wanting to embarrassing me so.