KPHX Airliners

It sure is nice to have my new computer so I can actually take pics off my card and see them on the big screen.

And then a fisheye for the angry sky!


LOVE LOVE LOVE the New Mexico One shot! 🤩
Amazing shots all around, great stuff!


The first shot is sooooo good! Well done!

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First shot is amazing!!

All of these shots are fantastic! Nice pics. 😎

My god man! You’re really good at this!
@AndrewWu recruit him lol

lol for what I don’t run anything haha

Do you put these on plane spotters net?

Oh. My. God. Those are amazing!!! I am stunned at the quality of those pictures, keep it up!

Those photos! Are very nice!!! LIKE REALLY!!!

I love the fisheye, that’s an awesome angle. I’d love to see what JP says about that… 🤪

WOW! That is some amazing shots!!!

Awesome shots! Keep it up.

Thanks everyone.

No, I really only shoot for myself. Everyonce and awhile I’ll put one up somewhere.

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One more.


Ay! N116AN, saw that guy on his delivery flight into PIT. Too bad the day was poop your photo is miles better. Cloudy days and aviation photos don’t go together well…

Oh my god! That first shot is incredible! Wow!

And that was the flight from PIT to enter service

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Really? That’s actually pretty epic. Cool catch on both ends I guess.

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