Kphl fly out 4/26/20

KPHL fly out TODAY 4/22/20! I know its late but this is my first fly out I want to see how it goes. Starting at 4pm EASTERN TIME. Airlines to be included are American (Gates A-C and F)
United (D only)
Delta (D only)
British Airways (2 Gates only), (747 or 787 only)
Qatar Airways (1 Gate only), (A350 or 787 only)
Aer Lingus (1 Gate only) (757 only)
Spirit (E only)
Frontier (E only) (A320 or A321 only)
Southwest (E only)

Trying to make this as realistic as possible. If anyone is interested please list the Airline and gate below with a destination and I will let you know if thats the correct gate to use for that aircraft or airline. Hope to see everyone there!


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Okay thank you

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