KPGD Visual Approach

I was recently in Florida on vacation in a few cities below Punta Gorda. I went on FlightRadar24 and noticed that they use the river as a visual approach for runway 4. I tried this in IF, and it went pretty well. We should do this kind of stuff more often in the advanced server.


I am trying to upload a picture, but it will not work.

Convert it to JPEG/JPG and try again.

@Sturmovik …how? I am on my iPhone.

Type image converter on Chrome, click on the first link, and follow the instructions for the JPEG format.

I am on my phone.

Its the same thing. I did it several times with mine.

Edit the picture a little :)

Crop the pic in any way

Thanks. I uploaded the picture.

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KLGA/La Guardia’s 31 visual expressway one is also awesome!


You can’t request something like this in if unless you pm the controller that you will be doing this and if it’s not to busy (it’s now possible to assign visual approaches)

Just ask inbound and follow the route. If you are straight in to the runway, go over the airport and come for inbound.

Not unless there is approach online

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Is there actually a command for visual approach?

Check this out: Be able to fly visual approaches

I find this one very similar apart from having more time and distance for the turn.

I tried this approach earlier today, very nice.

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