KPGD Parking / spawn name errors

Just see for yourself, nothing much to say:

Why did people name ramp starts like this… I’ll translate them to English later, thanks :)

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I can do it if you want? :))

If you want to, be my guest! Nice easy job :)

I’ve fixed it Cameron but I can’t export apt.dat because of doubled atc routing nodes which need to be merged? What should I do lol

Delete those nodes until it stops showing the message, then you’ll be fine :)

Where do I find the nodes? I am actually sorry :/

Done it. (filler)

I’ll be uplaoding it to github now :)

Excellent, thank you! :)

I’m very unsure if I’ve done it correctly. I’ll send a pull request now so you can check it I guess

It was fine, no issues there, looking forward to more contributions Joe! :)

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