KPDX plane spotting day 2

This is my second day of spotting at KPDX. Unfortunately I didn’t stay for the heavies today.

What photo did you like the best

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Did you use an iPhone? These look great! I hope to go spotting if I go to Portland. I actually flew over Beaverton when flying out of PDX in IF.

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I did lol, I don’t have a camera but it was such a good time!

For an iPhone shot, that’s real good


I thought the same thing

Nice shots! Got some snow remnants there I see (here it just all melts within the hour).

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Nice planespotting pictures!

Welcome to the community! THANK YOU!!

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no problem, thanks!

I’ve always had a hard time catching the heavies there, timing hasn’t always worked for me

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Yeah, we were gonna stay for the Delta A330 landing from Amsterdam, but it was delayed 3 hours…

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