KPDX-PHOG/ Portland to Kahului

🤙🏻I will be flying an Alaska 737-900 from KPDX to PHOG tmr at 7:00 am pacific time, so if anyone wants to join me that would be cool cause I have never done a group flight before, so if anyone wants to they can. The real date will be may 24th, you can do your own flight plan. And if someone could be Atc that could be helpful.🤙🏻

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Hey mate, if you are looking to do the group flight the correct place for this is in the appropriate channel on the discord. These were moved off the of IFC a while ago.

I’m actually not allowed to have discord my mom won’t let me idk why

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This thread however, still need more info such as flight time and/or server. It may also be fit for "live events’ catergory

Ok I will make it in that

Sorry to break it to ya but the server is still not listed

How do you do it, but it will be expert

You edit it like you did before, and a more fitting category is #live

One way or another, we don’t allow these kind of things on the forum. Sorry!

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