KPDX BTG Area Aviation as Therapy

First, I wanted to just extend an extreme amount of gratitude for the effort and most of all results; provided by both the IF development team (the Company) and this community! I did not anticipate finding such an active number of intelligent people so easily here and I am finally finding the time to join myself.

So, thank you!

I am quite enjoying my time piloting infinite flight and have enjoyed the bit of therapeutic vibe it provides in my day. Curious if anyone is around the KPDX / BTG area that would enjoy geeking out sometime. Additionally, if you’re a hardware tinkerer, let me know, as I am an active and avid developer that has identified quite a few projects I would like to contribute to or start.

Looking forward to advancing my aviation knowledge and giving back however I am able.


PS: Perhaps this is when I learn the standard trolling practice here.
PSS: I’ve noticed a number of VO/VA/ATC Verbal groups and I am curious if someone could PM me an invitation to any available discord, mattermost, or similar chat where this could discussion is able to be more… LIVE!


We aren’t able to PM you because your public profile is hidden.

@KennedyTurner thank you for letting me know! Updated preferences.

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