KPBI runway 28L

When I was controlling Tampa tonight I noticed this

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Oh… That’s weird…


First off, your title says KTPA, but you’re controlling KPBI. I believe this is a known bug.

That’s the one thanks

Such a bad done airport. If this isn’t being worked on I’ll get to it.

Either way, this bug has been reported before and I have managed to recreate it a lot of times.

I had it happen at Kalua lumpar last night to

I think it can happen anywhere; it’s just a matter of luck* and the movement of the camera I guess.

*Duh. Bad luck

Glad you changed it, I have a bit of OCD with that stuff. Idk if in the a320 update KTPA is reworked but I would hate it if Tampa looked like that!

What was it that you saw that was weird?

What is the known bug?

@Kilt_McHaggis look at the pics the 28L is way up in the air instead of on the runway

Looks like a bad boundary.I have widened the boundary line and changed to concrete apron with darker buildings. Hopefully this will render this weekend. Fingers crossed.


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Oh very nice. I’m waiting for a download gonna be away from flying for a little bit as I got a new game

Wow! A great job there and at every other airport as always!