KPBI Event! @ KPBI - 081700ZJUL18

KPBI has enjoyed many awards over the last 25 years, including a 2015 Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Award for being Fifth Best Domestic Airport and a 2016 award naming PBI Sixth Best Airport in the U.S. by the prestigious Conde Nast Traveler magazine. Our concessions have been recognized over the years by Airport Revenue News as having superior shops and restaurants, in 2013 PBI received the 2013 ARN Most Unique Services award. PBI was most recently voted in the top 5 medium size airports, receiving the 2016 Traveler’s Choice Award from TripAdvisor. PBI prides itself on ease and convenience for good reason, being named the Best TSA Checkpoint in the U.S. according to a 2016 J.D. Power survey and being in the top 5 Highest Ranked Airports for Ease and Accessing Parking and Getting to the Terminal according to Airport Revenue News (2016).

I have spent some time to create this event here at KPBI! Love the airport? Consider joining! Gorgeous beaches and warm weather will sure be greeting you on the tarmac!


Server: Expert

Airport: KPBI

Time: 17:00Z

NOTAM: Strict Rules are enforced! Please be as professional as you can. If we do not have IFATC, than please use unicom properly. When requesting a gate, please let me know the aircraft and your callsign. All VA’s are invited! And finally, last but not least, have fun!

Concourse B

Gate: B1 // SWA // KPBI-KISP // [Empty]
Gate: B2 // SWA // KPBI-KBWI // @Capt.Zach - SWA9224 - B-737 Heart Livery
Gate: B3 // SWA // KPBI-KMDW // [Empty]
Gate: B4 // UAL // KPBI-KEWR // [Empty]
Gate: B5 // SWA // KPBI-KATL // [Empty]
Gate: B6 // UAL // KPBI-KORD // Empty
Gate: B7 // AC // KPBI-YYYZ // @Sebastian9915 - ACVA243 - A319
Gate: B8 // AC // KPBI-YYUL // [Empty]
Gate: B9 // AA // KPBI- KCLT // [Empty]
Gate: B10 // AA // KPBI-KPHL // [Empty]
Gate: B11 // AA // KPBI-KORD // @Brad - AAVA1264 - B-738
Gate: B12 // AA // KPBI-KDFW // [Empty]
Gate: B14 // AA // KPBI-KDCA // [Empty]

Concourse C

Gate: C1 // DAL // KPBI-KBOS // [Empty]
Gate: C2 // DAL // KPBI-KJFK // [Empty]
Gate: C3 // DAL // KPBI-KATL // [Empty]
Gate: C4 // DAL // KPBI-KDTW // [Empty]
Gate: C5 // Spirit // KPBI-KORD // [Empty]
Gate: C6 // DAL // KPBI-KLGA // [Empty]
Gate: C7 // FFT // KPBI-KTTN // [Empty]
Gate: C8 // FFT // KPBI-KPHL // [Empty]
Gate: C9 // FFT // KPBI-KISP // [Empty]
Gate C10 // JBU // KPBI-KDCA // [Empty]
Gate: C11 // JBU // KPBI-KHPN // [Empty]
Gate C12 // JBU // KPBI-KLGA // [Empty]
Gate: C14 // JBU // KPBI-KJFK // [Empty]
Gate: C15 // JBU // KPBI-KBDL // [Empty]
Gate: C16 // JBU // KPBI-KBOS // @VAnuj - JBU424 - A320

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Please follow the event guidelines for the title.


Right! Was just in a rush to get it posted! My apologies

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Of course! Will reserve you that gate immediately!

What will be your proper callsign in game?

UAL226 or VAnuj probably

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Aw man.
KPBI is my favorite airport in US. I wish I could join this event but sadly I will be away :( Enjoy!!

I’ll take Gate B7 with an A319
Callsign ACVA243

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If this was on training I’d love to come…

You got it my friend! Enjoy!

Ah! Maybe next time!

I’ll take KPBI-KBWI with SWA at B2. Callsign is SWA9224

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With the 737-700 “Heart Livery”

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Of course my best friend! Very glad to have you here! Enjoy!

I’ll take B11 in the AA737-800, callsign is AAVA1264.

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Your in! Have a great time!

No replies for 5 days?

@Hockeyman_02 Is this event now?

Can I also go to BWI but in gate B5. I am copying my actual flight from KBPI-KBWI on WN3226 if that is ok with you?

Guys, it looks like he had this event scheduled for the 8th. I think it either happened or was forgotten about…

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