KPAE is here!

Why can’t they put buildings:(

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Because it’s a bit complicated to code 3D buildings. You need to get the data, and it’s not easy to get real world 3D information about how airports look. It’s not as simple as makeAwesomeBuildings();


Forgot the semicolon.

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Cameron I swear… ;)

Took a long time to redo KPAE, but well worth it in the end. Can’t wait to see it in the A321 update. :)

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No, just no. I will literally F-14 your aircraft.

Thanks Philippe. :)

Kilt updated the schematic for KPAE. :)

I give the honourable face of love. You followed my expectations, and have transformed something useless into art. Thank you.

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Those taxiways markings do look like lights, I did hear roumea of lights coming to IF sooner than later.

I hope they do put the lag would be worse but night flying would be easier

This one should have been shipped in the A321 update. Go go go!

Oh Nice. :)

Not sure there was an airport update with A321

I look forward to building an event that features this awesome field and your hard work! :)

Make sure only 767 and above ;)

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Stupid question but what region

It’s in Seattle.

KBFI has also just been reworked with 737 test areas and even the Military bays at south of airport.

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What an extra reward. :)

The 737’s go to the Boeing Field for final preparation and testing. Some of the testing includes flying up to KPAE and back to KBFI. You’ve done well, can’t wait to see it, thanks, @Kilt_McHaggis and thank you Airport Editing Team!