KPAE is here!


Excitement and joy has me brewing up a storm. I’m ready. Ready for my Boeing planes to finally have somewhere to stay, where it carries markings that lead me somewhere. My Boeing planes, big or small, have somewhere to prepare, before delivery. My Boeing planes, have an appropriate area for that welcoming service.

I’d like to announce, the new KPAE! Featuring GA Parking, and also, An updated Boeing Factory Parking area.

I’d like to thank @Henrik_B, @IceBlue and @Kilt_McHaggis for making my dream, become a reality. Thank you guys a lot, my heart is always with you. You have pleased a loyal customer of Infinite Flight. This gives the others now opportunity to make something.

The Whole Area

The Boeing Everett Factory.

My dominant area, whether on ATC PG or Adv.

A couple of events will come soon.


Are those taxiway lights I see on the markings?

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I don’t really know? :/

Could be waypoint markers too, I don’t know.

Do you like what they’ve done? I was having a little tear in my eye. They promised me an awesome airport, and I’ve got one.

Looks good.

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I love it! Hope that the seattle region gets more love.


I’m asking for Renton Next ;)

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When we edit the airport (I didn’t actually do any of this :-P) we put the taxi lights in the right places, so if they come the airports will be ready to go. No Lights yet, I’m afraid.


Not Again… :-P

Good to see backend support being implemented.


He he he, I’m so evil >:)

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Better than going through them all again…

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Something needs to be done with KSEA, because I’m getting a lot of frame lag there with my Note 3 just taxing and/or sitting on the runway. Don’t have this issue at the other airports.

That’s getting fixed, I think. Yes, it is a little laggy but in the end, it’s going to be awesome. Especially KPAE!!

A320 family event will be there ;)

Yes, those are taxi line lights, but they don’t show up in IF. We’re adding lights to a bunch of major airports so when Philippe does create lights that show up on taxi lines, they will already be there.

I beg you to PLEASE add terminals!!! get some advice from FSX I am desperate.

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Terminals would come with 3D buildings, and we’re not there yet ;)

FYI I moved the topic to the developer section

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