KOSU Airport and Museum

Hello all! This weekend I drove down to Columbus to visit some family. This morning, we went to a restaurant inside a hanger at Ohio State University’s airport, KOSU. Inside the restaurant, there was a small museum featuring a few actual planes and many pictures.

After eating a delicious breakfast, I walked over to the FBO area to do some spotting. I met a family who was flying on this Bombardier Challenger to Marco Island, Florida (KMKY). The plane, N578FX, was operating for the charter airline Flexjet. Here are pictures of this plane and others (sorry for quality, they were on my iPhone 7)


If you guys are still in Columbus, you should go an hour west to Dayton. The Air force museum is there. They have the Boxscar and a B-2.

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Understandable. Have a safe travel back!

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