Kostas K Event Video

As some of you may know, recently @Kostas_K held an event at KJFK. He wanted to make a new spotting video that he is best at making with the reworked JFK. I decided to make a video on the flight I did from Charlotte to New York to be in the video. Took me 6 days to make, all with sounds from IRL, and wouldn’t be possible without Kostas. Be sure to check out his channel.

Expert Server
American Airlines B737-800


Thats why JFK was so busy

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Hahah I can see myself briefly in that video at the 10:15 mark did a Caribbean airlines flight to Kingston haha

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Starting to wonder if I was on his video

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That’s cool lol

Me too lol. I hope I am

i signed up early enough but over slept :(( sad i couldn’t make the event