KOSH ATC Procedures During Heavy Traffic

So one thing I’ve seen from events at KOSH when there is a good amount if planes there is that the pilots respond to ATC when cleared for takeoff. However, in real life during busy traffic times, the controller would clear you for takeoff, and you would take off without responding. Just thought I’d put this out there for future events, including the official ond mentioned during the cub release.

I think there’s already a post on real life procedures in IF… Check out the one below. :)

Not sure if it affects the lack-of-readback, though. IFATC will have to confirm.

Taipei’s link provides a sufficient response.

Additionally, this isn’t going to be another one of those situations where you contemplated taxiing to PANC over a road that doesn’t exist in IF.


Not planning on making it cause it isnt. That’s a totally different thing.

Didnt see it in the comments but I’ll look again.

Real world procedures from what i understand are barley used. When it comes to runway usage and commands. Once you’re cleared for takeoff you respond cleared for take “Callsignxxx” keeps tower organizatied. Especially on IF.

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I’m not saying to use this 24/7 at oshkosh. I simply am saying that during an event while ATC is online, tower specifically, to lighten his load, pilots should just take off, maintain I believe its 1000 feet till 5 nm away then fly vfr out from there. That’s all im asking. Nit for ATC to do this 24/7 at any airport.

When a pilot responds back it’s not adding load. It’s literally him letting know tower he received the takeoff clearance. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I know. Just throwing an ideo out there that they can put in the NOTAM if they are making the event realistic.

My guess is that people would just read it back anyway because:

  1. That’s basically what the system requires is to do in the sim

  2. I’m fairly certainly a large percentage of people don’t even pay attention to the NOTAMs or would forget

I don’t think this is needed for Infinite Flight. Unlike the real world, the controller is able to issue another command to a different aircraft either while the first is being read back or even before that. Since the commands can be sent instantaneously and the voice just plays in the background (and sometimes gets behind), it should have a minimal impact, if any.

I always listen for the full command to be stated then proceed and I always check and triple check the notams and follow them.

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