KORF Norfolk frequency not active during landing.

IF does not display the frequency for KORF Norfolk during landing. Also, the frequency for KRIC Richmond appears well after the usual 27 mile mark.

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Hey @Robert_Summers, this seems to maybe be something that’s come up since the last update as there has been a few people talking about it lately. Did you by chance get any sort of screen shot of when it happened, what you were looking at and the distance you had to arrival?

There seems to be some correlation to the speed, altitude and distance that was either purposely built in, or somehow has become a glitch to contact a frequency (both unicom and active ATC).


As mwe2187 said, this is a known issue. IFATC’s report that many pilots tune to Unicom because they can’t see the active frequency or they can only tune to ATIS and Tower and not Ground, etc… Both IFATC’s and developers are aware :)

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Sorry, I didn’t capture a screen shot, or the exact distance at Richmond when the frequency finally appeared.

Thank you. I’m sure it will be fixed in the next update.

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As has been suggestion to the other pilots experiencing the issue, next time you see it happening see if you can either get a screen recording or snap a few shots of the problem that include your altitude/speed/distance to the location, as well as your frequency menu.

After I experienced the issue last weekend, I haven’t been able to replicate :(

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