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Korean Virtual

Officially approved on 2020-05-12T06:00:00Z

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Welcome! We are KVG, a virtual airline based in Seoul, Korea. Officially approved in May of 2020, we have been fully operational for almost a year now! We are souly focused on making every sugestion from our pilots come true, weather thats a new codeshare or a new feature, we will provide you with it!! Our new ideas and features have just been finialized and are now ready for public use. We are greatful for each and everyone of you IFC members for making us and VA’s possible. Sincerly @CPT_Colorado


@CPT_Colorado: Is our CEO. Cpt founded KVG in the summer of 2020. He now focusses on codeshares and new features for the VA, along with welcoming and testing new pilots that join the VA.

@hass.ik: Hass.ik recently joined the staff team as the graphics designer. Their work will be shown thorough graphics posted on our Instagram page, and our thread here.

KVG currently isnt looking for any more staff members at the moment. Stay tuned and we will post a link with all the details!!


Carear mode: KVG is now introducing a carear mode. Where pilots at the respective rank can now choose an aircraft of their choice to fly realistic routes all over Asia and the rest of the world.

Crew Center: We have smoothed out our crew center issues, and now offer a fully functional crew center. It includes a booking system, weather maps, live maps, and more.

Each week, KVG offers routes for each day of the week. Thanks to @SkyTeamIFC we are able to provide diverse and fun routes with full ATC coverage.


Rank Requirements Routes Codeshares
New Hire Passed a KVG written knowlage test Access to all aircraft. Only allowed to fly routes under 2 hours Aloha Virtual
First Officer Needs 25 hours of flight time Access to all aircraft. Only allowed to fly routes under 4 hours Aloha virutal, Ethiopian virtual, Jet2 Virtual, and Malaysia Virtual
Captain Needs 65 hours of flight time Access to all aircraft. Only allowed to fly routes that are under 6 hours Aloha virtual, Ethiopian virtual, Jet2 Virtual, Fly Unlimited virtual, Malaysia Virtual, Air China Virtual, and Aeroflot Virtual
Senior Captain Needs 90 hours of flight time Access to all aircraft. Only can fly routes that are under 8 hours All Codeshares
Bronze Member Needs 150 hours of flight time Access to all aircraft. Only allowed to fly routes under 10 hours ALL
Silver Member Needs 200 hours of flight time Access to all aircraft and all routes ALL
Korean Virtual Member Needs 350 hours of flight time Unlimited access to all routes and special events ALL


Air China Virtual And KVG have agreed on a codeshare! Now exploring the vast regions of Asia to its full potential. The B787, B747, B757, and B737 will all be available to the Captain rank.

Aeroflot Virtual and KVG have agreed on a codeshare. Exploring Russia and other destinations allows for a more diverse experience. The B777, A350 and more will be unlockable at the Captain rank.

Malaysia Airlines Virtual and KVG have agreed on a codeshare. Now exploing Malaysia the A350 and more is now available at the First officer rank!

Airfrance-KLM VA and KVG have acreed on a codeshare. Now bringing the French and Dutch hospitality to all Captains!

Cargolux Virtual! and KVG have agreed on a cargo codeshare. Bringing the queen of the skies to all Senior Captains.

Ethiopian Virtual and KVG agreed on a codeshare. Bringing the African spirit to all of us here is Asia!!

Jet 2 Virtual and KVG are now bringing the european style to all of us here at KVG.

Dubai Virtual Airlines bringing Fly dubai and Emirates to the KVG team

WestJet Virtual Group is bringing the Canadian hospitality to all of us here at KVG!!

easyJet Virtual Bringing more of Europe and Easyness to KVG!



Pilot Requirements

  • Grade 2 or higher
  • TL1 or trusted TL0’s
  • Must be able to pass a basic knowledge test
  • Must provide a screenshot of your grade table
  • Have access to an Infinite flight PRO subscription
  • Be able to log a flight once every month

We hope to see you in the korean skies soon! 곧 한국 하늘에서 뵙기를 바랍니다!

Apply Today


Nice new thread! Glad to be apart of this!

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My favorite va


I can’t wait to fly a CodeShare with them in the Future


Great work! Kudos to you for managing everything with a small team 👍🏻

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Awesome thread!

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Nice thread! Happy to be partners with this VA!


—Korean Virtual Annual PIREP Contest—

Welcome to this year’s annual PIREP contest. Each year KVG likes to challenge its pilots to a head to head battle. The main goal of the contest is to file the most PIREPS in a period of time, this period of time is from the months of February to April.

75 hours of flight time along with a $10 Starbucks gift card!!


  • Must have Proof of Flight (screenshot of logbook will be needed if you win)
  • Have fun

That’s all pilots the competition starts February 1st


This week’s ROTW, presented by SkyTeam

This week we feature 10 different airlines with 21 different routes and a featured event!!


HKJK-DNMM // B788 Kenya
HKJK-DGAA // B788 Kenya
HKJK-FACT // B788 Kenya
HKJK-FZAA // B788 Kenya
OEJN-HKJK // B77W Saudia

RJTT-RKSI // B77F Korean
WIII-RJTT // B77W Garuda
RCTP-RJTT // A359 China Airlines
RCTP-RJCC // A333 China Airlines
RKSI-RJFF // B739 Korean

RKSI-KDFW // B772 Korean
KATL-KDFW // A321 Delta
KATL-KMIA // B752 Delta
UUEE-KMIA // A359 Aeroflot
KATL-KLGA // B738 Delta

FNF announced Thursday

Saturday AFKLM Event

OERK-OMDB // A319 Saudia

Like what you see? Join today at koreanvirtual.wixsite.com/infiniteflight to get started today!!


Codeshare Event!

Our good friends over at @OldAirChinaVirtual are hosting a splendid flyout!! We are so glad to join them is the event. Korean Virtual was lucky enough to get 1 gate reserved for our pilots in each wave. Please sign up below before the gates are gone! Remember pilots, X3 multiplier for this codeshare flight if you attend!!

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--Pirep Contest Announcement–

With 12 days left in the competition, there is one pilot that stands out in the lead with a few behind, but dont worry its still anyone’s game. A quick reminder, the prize for this compition is a $10 Starbucks gift card sent to you via the discord PM’s. You must have the starbucks app downloaded and must have an accound on the starbucks app. Once you have those you will be given the card number and the activator code, with those numbers you will add them into your account and the gift card will be empty and in your account.


  • Must have proof of flights via a screen shot of your Infinite Flight log book.

–Current standings–

First: David Mitchell [KVG055]
Second: cloud surfer
Third: tied with @Adrian_K ☆ , @harryh1, and Ethan Lee

Reminder 12 days left, get those PIREPS filed and win the competition, only 1st place gets a price keep that in mind!


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