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NEW school updates

After further discussion with other VA CEO’s we have decided to remove the no flight requirement season, as that can cause more inactivity than activity. We are sticking to 1 flight a month, and we have a few flights that are an hour or less.

We want to maintain activity as well as keeping pilots active which is why we have added a LOA bot to keep track of LOA’s

Connor Kelly: Korean Virtual CEO

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Tropical Storm Haishen

Currently in Korea, a super tycoon is about to make landfall. Tycoon Haishen is going to be a historical event for Korea, so in efforts to keep things realistic the following will occur:

• ALL flights into Korea (RKSI, RKSS and other korean airports) will be suspended for the duration of the storm.
• For the next 24 hours, flights out of Korea will be permitted in efforts to get people away from Korea.
• All o her flights (codeshares and non Korean destination flights) will be allowed.

If the above is not followed your PIREPS will be rejected.

All pilots making an effort to fly out of Korea in the next 24 hours will receive a X3 bonus of those flights

Please stay within rank or ask special permission for longer flights (no multiplier on flights outside rank)


Are u allowed to be part of another VA while also working for Korean Air VA?

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Yes, you can.

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Ok thank you! Just applied. Hope I get it!

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Wow.Amazing thread .I just applied !

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Awesome!! Thank you @TheAviationGallery for answering @Vishark107’s question. We noticed you wanted to apply for staff but applied for a pilots position. If you wouldn’t mind replying to us and clearing the air so we can get you what you want. @GLITCH_GAMES we will be reviewing your application as well here soon.

Thanks for applying we can’t wait to hopefully see you.

Korean Virtual CEO


@Korean_Virtual when can I expect to hear back from you?

Once we figure out weather you wanted to apply for a pilots position or a staff position.

Oh I applied for a pilot

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Awesome, your application is in the review process,

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Hey. How long does it take to process the application?

Hi, sorry for the late response. You will receive a message about your application tomorrow.


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@Korean_Virtual did you read the replies in the PM

In what PM? If you are talking about your application PM then you will be receiving a message today.

I had a PM with Connor, Korean virtual CEO

Hi guys!

We are very excited to announce a new theme that we are doing. As of today, we have changed our website to this link, koreanvirtual.wixsite.com/fall a Fall/Halloween themed website. The winter one will be published around winter time, same with spring, and summer. The new websites will be updated on all platforms, including slack, the IFVARB website, and more. The website link to the thread above no longer will take you to the current live site, as it is no longer active and we cannot edit our thread.

Enjoy our new website. :)

Connor: Korean Virtual CEO


Congratulations to all involved for the great achievement.😃👏🏼👏🏼