Korean Virtual | New changes, Better VA | 2020 Official Thread | New Codeshare!

We used the song cause our media manager feels it matched. I don’t think we will be changing it till we make a new one.

Alright then, because it’s agreed what else to do 😄 then the video trailer song use melody or tone because it’s better 👍

We would like to thank your for your opinion as it has been taken into consideration and will be thought of when making the next trailer 😁

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Can we fly these aircraft on training server.

We do allow pilots to fly on the Training server, but they need to pass a basic knowledge test before we allow them to do so.

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Ok. Thanks

Weekly update

Hi all welcome to this weeks KVG update!!!

We would like to welcome @11111 to the staff team. He is the new assistant flight manager.

We would also like to welcome @MilkTea who is the newest recruited pilot with us!!!

Our total number of pilots is: 20, but we have 4 new applications!!!
We are also working on 2 codeshares at the moment.

Thanks All,
Korean Virtual CEO


Glad to be apart of this VA, can’t wait to file my first pirep:)


Hi all

We have just made a new application and test form for new incoming pilots. Below will be the new link for the application form. We have updated the website and will now be updating the thread. We hope to see you join. Here it is:

Connor Kelly: Korean Virtual CEO


New Codeshare!

Hi all, i am pleased to announce that Korean Virtual is officially codeshares with…Jet2 Virtual! We have received 20 new routes from @Jet2Virtual and those routes are now accessible at First officer!!! Thanks @Jack5101 and @CPT_Colorado for getting the codeshare agreement fulfilled!

Connor Kelly: Korean Virtual CEO

Website | Apply | Email


July 2020 PIRREP Challenge winners!

This July, Korean Virtual hosted a competition to see who could log the most PIREPS. The results are in, and the winners are…

In First place… @AviKael logging 7 PIREPS this month!!! You won 150 additional hours!!!

In second place… @timkot100 logging 4 PIREPS this month!!! You won an additional 100 hours!!

In third place… @masterkiwi logging 3 PIREPS this month!! You won an additional 50 hours!!

Thanks to all that participated in this competition, the next one will be held… 2021-05-01T06:00:00Z2021-05-31T06:00:00Z so stay tuned.

Other news

KVG now has 20 pilots with a few that just left unfortunately, but our applications are still open and we are still accepting pilots that score over 65% on our application quiz. Any applicants that apply and get anywhere from 65-79% will have to do an additional pattern work test before they are officially approved! We have 2 potential pilot applicants at the moment.

On behalf of Korean Virtual:
Connor Kelly: Korean Virtual CEO

Website | Apply


Nice and well designed thread, wishing you all the best for future. Also I applied! Hopefully I am accepted.

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Thank you so much for applying!!! Check your PM box for further information

Connor Kelly: Korean Virtual CEO


I applied for this VA! Very excited to join!


Nice Thread !


Thank you so much @MJP_27 check your PM box as you have a message from us! @vinoalviano thank you so much for the kind words! We really do appreciate it both of you!!

Connor Kelly: Korean Virtual CEO


Today, we introduce a brand new codeshare with…Fly Unlimited Virtual! We now have access to 10 of there routes with 5 new destinations, with 1 new plane added to the fleet and a new livery to fly in!! These new routes will now be available at the Captain rank!

Connor Kelly: Korean Virtual CEO


Nice thread!


Thanks so much @Captain_74gear much appreciated

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This is a fantastic va , I am pleased to be a part of it

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