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Officially approved on 2020-05-12T06:00:00Z

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Hello everyone and welcome to Korean Virtuals 1 year thread!! Officially approved exactly one year ago today, we have been learning and evolving through our time in the VA community! With advancements in our systems, to new codeshares and routws expanding out reach around the virtual world. @CPT_Colorado founded KVG back in early 2020, and was eventually approved on 2020-05-12T06:00:00Z, and we began operation with a staff of just 3 people. Today the staffing team just consists of my self and hopefully will continue to grow! Today we celebrate one year of operations and cant wait for the future years to come!

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Staff are a crutial part of our daily operations and continue to keep the VA running! We currently have 2 open staff positions at KVG, the Events manager, and the graphics manager, both can be applied for here. Currently our CEO is the only staff member and works hard on a daily basis to keep pilots intrested in what we have to offer, and to keep them active!


@CPT_Colorado : Hello! My name is Connor and i live in the beautiful state of Colorado, USA. I founded KVG on the hopes of giving me something to do over quarentine. Once we were approved i faced set backs with crew center issues, staffing issues, and keeping pilots motivated. But after one full year of opperations i can say that i have learned so much and have come so far through this journey. I have met so many kind people within the VA community and i keep meeting more. The pilots in the VA are so kind and i can really engage with them since we are so small! I have loved being the CEO of Korean Virtual every since i started and i cant wait for many more years!

Events Manager:

VACANT: Manages and creates events on the IFC, with our codeshares and skyteam partners, and groupflights within the VA. We would like to request that the user who applies for this role stays with us here in the VA for 3 months min, and can attend and make events at all hours in the world so our pilots can attend.

Graphics Designer:

Make cool and modern graphics for us! These graphics will be posted on our instagram and future thread updates and threads.

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Our operation structure here at KVG is quite simple. We operate through pilot choice and now coming to the VA we are introducing reward programs! These reward programs are quite simple and resemble some of Korean Airlines actual programs!


New to KVG we would like to introduce SKYPASS. SKYPASS is a new reward system coming to KVG this year! This reward system will allow pilots to earn/gain “miles” these miles can be gained by flying a codeshare route. Anytime a pilot within the VA flies one of our codeshare routes they will gain miles. These miles add up and eventually they can be used to “upgrade” their status in the VA, and “upgrade” their hours. Wanna find out more on SKYPASS join KVG today here.

Bom Events Pass:

Also new to KVG this year is our BEP or Bom Events Pass. This pass is given to every pilot apon entry to the VA. For each in house event, skyteam in house event, or skyteam IFC event you recieve 1 kkoch. Certain numbers of kkoch’s get you higher event rankings in the VA, these bennifet you with earlier pushback and event multipliers.

(Bom in Korean means Spring, and kkoch means flower)

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A new feature to this year for KVG is a brand new crew center. We have made a crew center using the Infinite Flight friendly Flare crew center. With the help of @KaiM we were able to move away from php and get access to the amazing Flare. With easier acess to finding ranks, searching ranks, and easily navigating the crew center, as a pilot you will have everything you need to sucessfully complete a flight. We were also so thankful to use the help of @CaptainZac and get our crew center hosted using his VAnet service! Our crew center can be found at Login - Korean Virtual

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Codeshares are a great part at expanding our route network and getting unique routes to fly across the globe. Curently KVG has 18 codeshares that allow us to rech all islands of Hawaii, operate in and out of major US hubs, fly around the beautiful scenery of europe and more! Our codeshare network is as follows:

Sky Team Alliance Partners:


Working with Sky Team virtual we are able to provide pilots with a realistic feeling. Almost every airline under Sky Team alliance in real life is approved within the IFVARB allowing for more realistic operations with our partners. Most Sky Team partners share routes with us, but we are still working on some other VA’s.

Official Codeshare List:

Virtual Airline Codeshare Aircraft Region
Aeroflot VA A320, B777, A350, A330 Russia
Air China VA B737, B748, B757, B789 China
Air France A320, A350, B772, B78X France
Air Tahiti Nui B789 Tahiti
Cargolux B748 Luxemburg
Easy Jet A319, A320 Europe
Ethiopian A350, B772, B788, DH8D Ethiopia
Hawaiian A330, B717, B767 Hawaii
Iberia A346, A350 Spain
Jet Airways B738, B777 India
Jet2 B738 Europe
KLM A330, B747, B772, B789, B78X, ERJ190 Amsterdam
LATAM B789, B763 South America
Malaysia Airlines A330, A350, A380, B738 Malaysia
West Jet B737, B738 Canada

Full list of active codeshares above, behind the scenes we are working on 3 codeshares that will be released in the future, so stay tuned.

thread join

Korean Virtual is always looking for fresh new faces to join the VA. Our joining process is very simple, pilots must fill out a form that includes their name, IFC profile link, and grade. After filling out that form you will be taken to a 25 question aviation knowledge test. This test will see how much you know and how much you dont know. KVG likes to keep a high standard of pilots so inorder to get into the VA you must pass with a score in 75/100 or higher.


  • Grade 2 or higher
  • TL2 or higher
  • Must be able to pass a basic knowledge test
  • Must provide a screenshot of your grade table
  • Have access to an Infinite flight PRO subscription
  • Be able to log a flight once every month

You can join the VA using this link here: https://forms.gle/5UM3ZzZ5qja4DYKY7
-Applications are checked on and reviewed every Sunday

On behalf of my self and the pilots here at KVG we would like to thank you for taking the time out of your bussy schedules to read our thread. We look foward to seeing you in our VA and on the IFC.

Korean Virtual is in no way affiliated, sponsored, or endorced by the real Korean Airlines whcih can be found at koreanair.com credit goes to @hass.ik for the banners


Wow!!! Great job! It was a pleasure for me and Kai to help you host your crew center. Amazing thread!

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The crew center is amazing thank you so much!!

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Awesome new thread, happy Birthday Korean Virtual 🎉


just applied congratulations @Korean_Virtual


Thank you all so much for the kind words really means a lot!! @zion89 expect a pm!

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What a beautiful thread, I wish you the best of luck!

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Thank you so much! Really appreciate it!

So glad to be a pilot for KVG, cant wait for the new changes!

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Very nice thread, best of luck to all of you!

Founder & President
Saudia Virtual


Check the discord for all future updates. We are so glad to have you!

@SaudiaVirtual upcoming codeshare !!?? 👀


Beautiful thread! We are honored to be partners with Korean Virtual Group. We wish you great success throughout :)

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Weekly stats update

New Pilots: 3
Number of PIREPS filed this week: 1
Total Number of Pilots: 17

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I have applied to join Virtual Korean Air, please review.

Thank you both, please expect a PM very soon!

Hi I have reapplied for the VA. Please look into my application.

We will take a look at it shortly, thanks.

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