Korean MD11

Korean Air operated 11 MD11s, all later converted to MD11Fs and eventually retired out of their fleet. The livery looks stunning in this aircraft and not to mention surprised no one has requested this. I looked through th enlist of MD11 operators and checked if certain airlines has]d been requested and this hasn’t! So I decided to make this!

Sorry repeat

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Hm, it didn’t come up when I searched, well maybe it was because I searched Korean Air MD11

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By the way nice livery :) I hope to see this added.

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The search system isn’t a human. It requires really specific searches. Just try different names when searching.

*also i searched “korean air md” and the topic popped up :)

Also I have already flagged this topic so you guys don’t need to do it anymore ;)

Last post on that was nearly a year ago…

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yeah but just comment on it and bomb it back up

I mean he has the right to make a new one if its nearly a year old you are just trying to be the forum police.


I think this one is better. Let’s just see which one Moderators will close 😉

I doubt this one will be closed as this one is more specific compared to the old one. Looks professional compared to old one too 👍

Anyway Brandon, Don’t forget to give credits to the owner 😉


Yes. It’s a duplicate.

But, I’m curious:

The first thing you did was to search to see if it was a duplicate, wasn’t it?

A duplicate from August which the OP missed because he didn’t put a hyphen in his search?

Why does this bring you such joy?

There’s no reason to be so gung-ho about it, or respond in such a disrespectful manner when it’s clear as day that he just didn’t use the hyphen. It took me three milliseconds to figure that out. Maybe if you weren’t so eager to flex your muscles, you could have been a tad more constructive.

Lectures feel good, do they? Now you can be on both sides.


Lol I wasn’t being disrespectful. I was just saying to be careful. Its good to keep this forum civil and I searched for a duplicate cause it was the right thing to do. And I said “you are a member” cause I didn’t want to link the Beginners guide to forum thing.

*why is everyone getting all over me for saying it was a duplicate. I was only pointing it out not trying to offend anyone


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Because you rushed so fast that you didn’t realize the last topic was from August.


So… Its a duplicate so I mentioned it and flagged it so a moderator can decide what do to. Isn’t

Guys, please don’t ruin this topic. Just take it to PM. You guys could all be flagged for being off topic not to mention.