Korean Airlines Photos

Good Evening IFC. I am looking for photos of any Korean Airlines Airplanes that are in IF that any one might have that i can use on a website. Any questions please pm me.

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Here is an up close and two with the fog. You can do some cropping and editing if you wish. I didn’t feel like editing them because I did not like them. If you use them on a website please just say Korean Air 748 Photo Credit: JacksonAviation! Thanks!


would it be fin if i put in my ©

i will get you some good photos your welcome

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image image
There you go


Wow those are great photos. I will be sure to give you credit when they are used.

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Thank you so much. I will edit them when I get home. I will credit you when I use them.

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Sounds good!

Since it’s RKSI week seeing if anyone has any more photos

If you ever ended up using mine, do you mine telling me what website

The site is here but i am not sure if i used any of yours. I appreciate the photos and may use them in the future.

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