Korean Airlines B777-200 (For the new 777 coming)

So since this livery isn’t a confirmed livery for the new 777 I thought that I might as well make one. Since this livery is in the game in the 777 in the old version, it might as well be included in the new re-worked 777

That, sir, is not a 777.


@Altaria55 I accidently uploaded the wrong image woops

What exactly are the differences between the old one and the new one?

Just curious, that’s all.

@Thunderbolt what do you mean?

correct me if Im wrong but dont we already have the korean livery on the B772? That would mean the livery is coming regardless very most likely

I’m a bit confused. So, the livery is currently in game, and you want it in the rework?

If it’s a current livery on the 772, it’ll most likely stay after the rework.

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We already have a 772 for KE

yea, I actually didn’t know that, but yes that is what I mean by having the livery being in the new re-works B777

this is a request for the livery to be in the new re-worked 777 since it isn’t a confirmed livery

It’s a 99.99999999% chance of staying

We already have the 777-200 Korean Air livery

yea I just didn’t know that it would most likely stay. I mean no one has to vote if they don’t want to this topic can closes on its own

It’s an IRL livery. It’ll stay.

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welp then this topic can close on its own if it is going to most likely stay then I guess no one has to vote!!

Yeah, I don’t think this topic is necessary. It’s an existing livery that has a very little chance of removal.

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ok since I didn’t know any of this (said above)^^^ then a mod can close this or it can close on its own

OP requested closure