Korean Air Virtual & Skyteam Presents: Cargo Done Fast | 화물 빨리 완료 Vol. #2 Ho Chi Minh City @ RCTP - 121600ZOCT19

Time Note



Korean Air Virtual is hosting our second event in our series transferring cargo around the world. This event is apart of the new series SkyTeam Event Saturdays presented by AFKLM, DLVA, AMVA, KAVA & GAVA. Our newest collaboration features a weekly rotation of events hosted by a different SkyTeamIF member VA each and every Saturday!

image Flight Information

Server: Expert Server

Departure Airport: Taoyuan International Airport [RCTP]

Arrival Airport: Tân Sơn Nhất International Airport [VVTS]

Aircraft: Boeing 777F Korean Air Cargo [B77F]

Time: 2019-10-12T16:00:00Z

In-Depth Flight Details:

Flight Plan Summary

Planned Dep. Runway: TBD
Planned Arr. Runway: TBD
Distance: 1,324
Flight Time: 3:10
Block Fuel: TBD
Cargo Weight: TBD
Flight Level: FL350
V-Speeds: TBD
Climb Profile: 250/310/84
Cruise Profile: M.84
Descent Profile: 84/310/250

image NOTAM:

  • Let’s act professional please this is on expert server
  • Please spawn into your gate at least 15 minutes prior to the event start
  • Wait your turn to pushback
  • Please use Unicom properly if there is no ATC
  • Make sure to take plenty of pictures at the event and post them on the forums!
  • Korean Air Virtual can log this flight for X3.

How to Reserve a Gate:

Reply via the comments section to RSVP. Please include the callsign that you plan to use during the flight along with the request.

Gate Callsign Pushback Time
Cargo Terminal 501 - GAVA001 1600Z
Cargo Terminal 502 - JWFANMLG 1602Z
Cargo Terminal 503 - Korean 113 1604Z
Cargo Terminal 504 -
Cargo Terminal 505 -
Cargo Terminal 506 -
Cargo Terminal 507 -
Cargo Terminal 508 -
Cargo Terminal 509 -
Cargo Terminal 510 -
Cargo Terminal 511 -
Cargo Terminal 512 -
Cargo Terminal 513 -
Cargo Terminal 514 -
Cargo Terminal 515 -
Cargo Apron 516 -
Cargo Apron 517 -
Cargo Apron 518 -
Cargo Apron 519 -
Cargo Apron 520 -
Cargo Apron 521 -
Cargo Apron 522 -
Cargo Apron 523 -
Cargo Apron 524 -
Cargo Apron 525 -

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Hey, I would love to join the event can I bet as Cargo Terminal 501 callsign JWFANMLG.

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Ill take terminal 2 Callsign Korean 113

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I’ll take a gate please - GAVA001

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Thank you @Ozzy , @Captain_Merka and @JWFANMLG You have all been signed up.

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Could I have cargo terminal 504 please.
Callsign: GAVA133

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