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We have officially launched our new website

Credit goes to @Jake_Savage for building the website for us. We are actively building a new crew center that will be released soon.


We have partnered with @Luke_L and his cargo event at VHHH.

CARGO FLYOUT @ Hong Kong! 13000ZJUL19

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Yay! Can’t wait!

@Will_Ford_Jr Do you want me to add at the bottom, event partnership with Korean Air. And to Put a photo of Korean Air VA?

Announcement - New Partner

Over the last couple weeks Garuda Indonesia Virtual and Korean Air Virtual have been working on a full partnership. Today we announce that we have completed the details for the new partnership. This will give KAV pilots the access to fly the MD-11 and the CRJX two aircraft that we do not have in our fleet.

New Routes added from Garuda Indonesia Virtual

Korean air virtual and Garuda Indonesia Virtual have exchanged 20 routes each, which added more routes and new aircraft to both fleets that weren’t available before.

Gates for departure at WIII:

Flight No. Route Aircraft Livery
GA876 WIII - VHHH MD-11 Garuda Indonesia
GA866 WIII - VTBS MD-11 Garuda Indonesia
GA874 WIII - RJTT MD-11 Garuda Indonesia
GA404 WIII - WADD MD-11 Garuda Indonesia
GA716 WIII - YMML MD-11 Garuda Indonesia
GA712 WIII - YSSY MD-11 Garuda Indonesia
GA856 WADD - VHHH MD-11 Garuda Indonesia
GA880 WADD - RJAA MD-11 Garuda Indonesia
GA413 WADD - WIII MD-11 Garuda Indonesia
GA714 WADD - YSSY MD-11 Garuda Indonesia
GA718 WADD - YMML MD-11 Garuda Indonesia
GA262 WIII - WIMS CRJX Garuda Indonesia
GA658 WAAA - WAJJ B738 Garuda Indonesia
GA652 WADD - WAYY B738 Garuda Indonesia
GA724 WIII - YPPH B738 Garuda Indonesia
GA456 WIII - WATT CRJX Garuda Indonesia
GA260 WIII - WIMB CRJX Garuda Indonesia
GA882 WADD - RJBB B77W Garuda Indonesia
GA9130 OMAA - UUDD A321 Ethiad


We are excited for new things and more events coming to Korean Air Virtual Soon.

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New Event Series

With our parnters at our Skyteam Alliance we are creating a new event series that will run 1 time every 5 weeks. We are running Cargo around the world. Our first leg will leave our home of Seoul (RKSI) to Taipei (RCTP) The event will run September 7, 2019 at 1600Z. You can view the event thread Here



Our Event is 2 weeks away. There are plenty of Gates left to sign up with. View the event thread Here

Official Instagram of Korean Air Virtual

We have launched an Instagram account now. Please go give us a follow.


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