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Welcome to Korean Air Virtual, We are the newest Asian VA here in the Infinite Flight Community. We strive to be the best Asian based Virtual Airline in the IFC. We have many routes that allow our pilots to fly all over the world in many different aircraft on Infinite Flight. We offer a variety of aircraft you can fly at different ranks.

All of our staff work hard & go out of their way to help anyone in need. We greatly appreciate everyone’s hard work and their passion is always recognized. Our staff is meticulously chosen to provide the best experience for our pilots and will do their utmost to help every single one of our pilots out.

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Executive Management

President - @Will_Ford_Jr
Deputy President - @Matt777

Lower Management

Event Manager - Vacant
Hiring Manager - Vacant
Flight Manager - @David_Beaulieu
Chief Pilot - @Shawn_Coleman

Below are the ranks we have here at Korean Air Virtual and What aircraft you can fly at that rank. We offer a incentive to anyone who is already apart of a Skyteam VA or a member of Alaska Virtual. That if they decide to join us will join as a Flight Officer!

Aircraft Livery in Game
737-800 No
A321-200 No
737-900 Yes
A330-300 Yes
777-200ER Yes
777-200F Yes
777-300ER No
787-9 No
B747-8 Yes
B747-8F No
A380-800 Yes
Codeshare Airline Aircraft
Alaska Virtual CRJ-700
Alaska Virtual A320-200
Alaska Virtual B737-800
Alaska Virtual B737-900
Rank Name Hours Required Aircraft Permitted to Fly
Trainee 0 Hours CRJ-700, A320-200, 737-800
Junior Flight Officer 10 Hours B737-900, A321-200
Flight Officer 25 Hours A330-300, 777-200F
First Officer 50 Hours 777-200ER, 777-300ER
Captain 100 Hours 787-9
Senior Captain 150 Hours B747-8, B747-8F
Commander 200 A380-800

Here is our extensive Route Map showing all our Routes we have here at Korean Air Virtual. Along with our Route Database.

Here at Korean Air Virtual, our hard-working staff wants YOU to be a part of our team and enjoy a professional and respectful environment we offer. Our goal is to bring to you the most enjoyable experience you can have in a VA on Infinite Flight!

To apply to Korean Air Virtual, you are required to meet these requirements:

  • Ability to communicate on Slack
  • At least 15 years of age
  • Must be at least Grade 2
  • Must pass the Written Application Test.
    After your application has been submitted, please be patient as a member of Korean Air Virtual Staff will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

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Contact Us
IFC: - @Korean_Air_Virtual
Email - koreanairvirtualif@gmail.com
Website - http://www.koreanairvirtualif.com/


Congratulations on approval!

Very nice thread. ;)


Neat! Congrats to you guys


Looks like an awesome VA! Good luck!


Good luck on your future!


Looks fantastic. Good luck.


Thank you all for the support. We will post our first event soon and hope to see everyone there.


I’m happy to have another Skyteam member with us, welcome.


Thank you all for the support!


Welcome (:


We would like to welcome a new staff member to the team. @Shawn_Coleman is our new Chief Pilot.


Thank you guys! definitely a huge honor to join @Korean_Air_Virtual which has a very diverse fleet, route, and a really dedicated professional staff behind it. I can’t wait to get started. See you guys out there!


Hello everyone

We are still looking for a Event Manager, & Hiring Manager! If you are interested, please apply here: Staff Application

Thank You,
Korean Air Virtual

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Our first event is posted. Come join us.


Just applied!!

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We cant view your profile

I just DMed the VA account a working link.

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We would like to welcome a new staff member to the team. @David_Beaulieu is our new Flight Manager. We are still actively seeking an Experienced Event Manager and a recruiter to handle all new applicants.


We are excited to expand our VA and partner with such an incredible organization in @alaskavirtualairline. Our partnership consists of codeshare agreements similar to Alaska Airlines and Korean Air real-world partnership, along with hosting joint events regularly, and a “Featured Saturday Route”, where each VA can choose a featured route from the other VAs database, and allows their pilots to fly and log that flight for that day only. We can’t wait to see our partnership grow!


We will be joining our Skyteam Partners today in the 1ST annual Skyteam Landing Competition. Feel free to spawn in and check out the action at KATL, LFPG, RKSI, KLGA, and MMMX beginning at 1800z on Sunday, June 9. More details below for anyone interested in spectating.