Korean Air to retire its A380s and 747-8s

Korean Air to retire its A380s by 2026 and its 747-8s (at least, the Passengers Aircraft) by 2031

A Korean Air 747-8

The South Korean airline, Korean Air revealed two weeks later they will retire its A380s (by 2026) and its 747-8 (at least the Passengers Aircraft), by 2031.
The airline is betting its future on smaller and more fuel-efficient twin-engine aircraft, like many others airlines.

The 747-8

Korean Air is one of only three users of the B747-8 in passenger configuration (the two others are Lufthansa and Air China).

The airline began using them in 2015 and has ten in all, along with seven freighters.

They have an actual average of just 5.3 years old.

The A380


With an actual fleet of ten A380s (only one of them is active: HL7614, which is used to Guangzhou), they’re much more likely to return in 2022, subject, as ever, to the pandemic.
They have an actual average years of 9.4 old.


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