Korean Air to begin Seoul-Boston next year, KLM returning to Boston

Korean Airlines to commence Seoul to Boston Flights April 12, 2019

Is it just me, or does Terminal E at Boston need an expansion, because we’ve got more airlines coming to Boston!

Korean Air will be using the Boeing 787-9 aircraft for this rather long flight. This has to be the second longest flight from Boston behind Hong Kong.

KAL will begin service to Boston next year in April.

KLM airlines to resume Amsterdam to Boston March 31, 2019

KLM returns to Boston beginning next year. KLM has served Boston before, but due to partnership with Delta (and expanding from their hub), they will resume flights to Boston in March 2019.

KLM will utilize the Airbus A330 for the AMS-BOS Route


This is great news for Boston and both KLM and Korean Air. Glad they decided to return.

Korea is a huge business center and has been a crucial market that we were missing since they last operated back in 2001. I have been awaiting this announcement for quite some time since the rumors began spreading earlier this year. The KE flight arrives and departs at the perfect time – just before the international rush begins at Terminal E.

Can’t wait to see these blue birds next year!


@Nathan I didn’t know Korean Airlines served BOS before, or was it another airline?

BOS is becoming crowded, They should shift some of the flights up here to Manchester, so BOS doesn’t get too congested.

It was Korean Air. They operated a triangle route (GMP-BOS-IAD-GMP) for some time until it ended in February 2001.

This is true, especially at E now. I believe we have just a little over 30 international carriers squeezing into 12 gates (10 of those only for heavies). This summer, I’ve seen one too many international carriers being held on the taxiways for a while because there are no gates available. Once the Terminal E expansion (E13-E17) is completed in 2022 – which hasn’t even started yet – there’ll be some relief. Logan is tight as is so some serious reconstruction will have to occur in order to maximize the airport’s space.

Regarding MHT, it’s a maybe but I doubt it. It’s quite far from Boston. Massport is better off investing money in giving ORH (Worcester Rgnl) a facelift. Add 2 more gates, expand parking facilities, and build a connection from the airport to the interstate running nearby (this is one of the main reasons why this airport is not used much – because of its lack of outside connections to other services).

This is why PVD is actually gaining some traction recently. The MBTA commuter rail station is directly connected to the airport which offers direct access to South Station and then further on to Logan Airport via the Silver Line. If MHT does this, I’m sure they’ll get more customers going through the airport.

This is all for another topic though.


Sounds like great news for Logan airport :)


Good for Boston and Korea and The Netherlands

This makes sense. Both have a JV with Delta who is expanding their presence at KBOS. This no doubt came from Delta.

I heard if DL/Korean codeshare from BOS to ICN
They r also launching MSP to ICN as Korean/DL. Codeshare
Good stuff

That makes zero sense lol


Anyway since when did Korean Air have 787s??

Since a few months ago…
Joint-venture is like codeshare

Is Korean Air going to begin with flights to Gimpo or is it Incheon?

According to the article it’s ICN

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Gimpo was the main international airport for Seoul back before Incheon opened in the late 90s. Now, Incheon is the main international airport while Gimpo primarily serves as a domestic airport.

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Oh that explains it, well since i was born in the early 2000’s, i have always known ICN to be the Main Int’l Airport in Seoul, but now i get it, thanks for the explanation.

Well this route will be beneficial. From the Korean and American side. I’ll dig a little more into this later, sounds quite interesting :)

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