Korean Air Plans To Buy Asiana Airlines & Possibly Merge

From what I’m seeing, this is a true merger but it may take years for the two brands to fully integrate. Though I guess OZVA can live on cuz it’s Infinite Flight.

Man I like This idea!! A Korean A350 would be sweet!!

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I just read about this and I am in complete shock!!

I wonder how alliance shifts will work, could we see Korean join Star Alliance (preferable but not likely) or remain in SkyTeam (most probable)? Would this also signal a Korean Air expansion into Star Alliance territory (Frankfurt, Vienna, Zurich), and how would the Lufthansa Group and Star Alliance as a whole respond to potentially losing a partner in the South Korean market?

That Korean A350 would also be piece of art! Too much blue for my tastes, but still would be interesting to fly!

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i dont want asiana to go, but just maybe

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I would be really surprised if Korean Air abandons SkyTeam for Star Alliance. They’ve already got a deep partnership with Delta and numerous other SkyTeam partners. Some external motivation would probably be the only way that could force them to sway to Star Alliance.

Additionally, since the two airlines are essentially merging, that would significantly eliminate competition in the long-haul market out of South Korea/Seoul.

That would mean Korean Air now has a better chance of success in more cities such as the ones you mentioned.

As for Star Alliance members, they could partner up with one of the low-cost carriers in South Korea, but Asiana/Korean Air are the only full service carriers left in the country.

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