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KALVA // Korean Air Virtual Airline


Ladies and gentlemen, it is finally here, Korean Air Virtual Airline lands again in Infinite Flight after many months! I have been wanting to start this airline again after it was shut down last year. With loads of thinking, I told myself I would not be able to commit to it and decided to loose my hopes on it. During my December holidays, I had loads of free time and i made a decision to restart Korean Air Virtual Airline with the permission of the previous CEO, @Knkni.

➡️ About Us ⬅️
To start off, Korean Air Virtual is an IFVARB approved airline. In the real world, Korean Air is the largest airline and flag carrier of South Korea. The main motive of our airline is to let Pilots gain experience in joining a Virtual Airline and to also fly many of the worlds famous destinations from our hubs, Incheon International Airport and Gimpo International Airport.

Our Fleet

Passenger Fleet

Used for short haul flights

Mainly for short haul

Used on some short and medium hauls

Mainly for medium haul

Long and medium haul

Mainly used for long haul

Used for long haul

Cargo fleet

Main cargo aircraft

🗽Our Destinations 🗼
Korean Air Virtual Airline serves 127 cities in 44 countries while our domestic division serves 12 destinations.

For more information regarding our destinations, please visit our website

✏️Requirement to join KALVA

Active Live Subscription

📌Our Brand new and Updated website


Chief Executive Officer : Sudhanva

Chief Operating Officer : Aaron

Human Resources Manager : Available

Recruiter : Available

Events Manager : Available

Chief Pilot : Joseph Johansson

✈️Do hope to see y’all flying for us!

A huge thank you to @BluePanda900 and the team!

Thank you for your time,

Excellent Flighting


For more details on our first partnership, be sure to check this thread out!

To all our fellow pilots, KALVA will be having their first group flight with Globe Cast Virtual Alliance. More details can be found here : GlobeCast London Fly-Out @ EGLL - 191400ZAUG18

Gate information will be updated soon.
Thanks for your time.

Warmest Regards,
Excellent Flighting

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Hello,nice to see KALVA back up
I’d might make the requeirements a little stricter,just a thought

We at DVA could maybe do some Skyteam events together.
As in the real world Delta and Korean air relationships and codeshares are sky rocketing
Now we have Delta Korean AFKLM Alitalia and Aeroflot
Imagine a joint skyteam event ,that would be nice

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