Korean Air McDonnell Douglas MD-11

How has nobody requested this livery? Don’t have any other words except… I think it should be added!


That’s a nice livery for that plane.

Must need!

I think the next update they should include the MD-11 👌🏻

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Or the A350. Maybe even the reworked 737.

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Totally agree 👌🏻

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Because the idea of feature requests is not to post every single livery you see.

Not targeted at you, or likewise anybody.


MD-11 is just gorgeous. Especially with the Korean Air livery.
All planes look gorgeous with the Korean Air livery

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Yes. Agreed

Why do we’re suddenly have so many MD-11 livery requests? 😂
On the other hand, this looks good. Mind you, all Korean air liverys do.

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This would be the first trijet! 👍👍

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