Korean Air KE91, Seoul Incheon International Airport to Boston Logan International Airport

Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9
Flight time: 12Hours 52minutes

📍Seoul Incheon International Airport, RWY34 ready for takeoff

V1 and Takeoff

Thai Airways A350 arriving at Incheon, Seoul, taxiing to the gate

📍Nagano City, Japan

📍Alaska, USA

📍 Northwest Territories, Canada

📍Hudson Bay, Canada

📍Boston Logan International Airport, USA


Hi, sorry to be a minimod, but you are allowed to only have 10 photos in each post.

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You’re not minimodding @canton. Anyone in the IFC community can help other people and remind them of the rules they need to follow. Nothing wrong with that :)

But yes, a maximum of 10 photos are allowed to be posted in each #screenshots-and-videos topic.

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I think I saw you on Infinite X last night (for me). I was doing KE17 from Seoul to Los Angeles but the game crashed about an hour before I wrote this reply.

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