Korean Air flight 481 RKSI-VABB

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Flight time: 7:04
Airbus A330-300 (Korean Air)
Korean Air 481

Takeoff @RKSI

Climbing Out
Great scenery

Some winds on approach into Mumbai

Bread has been extensively butterized

Parked at the gate

Thnx for watching!!


Please remove ALL visible HUD on screenshots. Thanks!

Also you’re going pretty high for such a heavy load. No wonder you’re throttle was at 95%. You also didn’t need that much fuel m8. It’ll help your aircraft :)


Nice photos! Love the 3rd picture! Beautiful scenery! 👌
Mhmmm, I like the caption for the 5th picture… 🥞 I know it’s not a butter emoji but there isn’t one lol. But those pancakes have lots of butter! XD

Hey! As @Claudio said remove all HUDS. If you are wondering how to do this, go into replay mode and in the bottom right you will see a camera. Press that and it takes a screenshot without the HUD. And nice pictures!

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Yep, and even better, Infinite Flight added the feature where it organizes all your photos taken in replays in IF and combines them in an album titled Infinite Flight. It can be found in your device’s photos app!

Oh thank you very much should I remove my post or how should i go about it?

You could…

Try to upload the same flight’s pictures with no HUD


Flag it for closure.

Crop the photos and just re upload them :)

Please adhere to the rules before posting. Thanks!