Korean Air DC-10

Honestly, I’m pretty sure many of us have to agree this livery looks pretty neat!

Credits to : Wikipedia for the image

Korean Air used the DC-10 for European services such as to Paris, France.
Hopefully we’re able to get this livery in Infinite Flight

Don’t forget to vote for your own livery😉. Make sure also you add some more information that can get the readers attention.(fleet/main hub)

I like this livery tho!! Unfortunatly out of votes.


Very nice livery! I would love to see this in IF, unfortunately votes are limited to everyone. But I’m glad you brought this underdog to the communities attention! Good luck and I hope we see this livery soon enough!

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First of all, i i hope the devs can make the original DC-10 Cockpit


@NordicFlyer But this is not a place to request the DC-10 cockpit.It’s a livery request. If you want a DC-10 cockpit rework, you are more than allowed to request it by creating a feauture request!!👍


Oooo… looks like their modern livery. I like modern liveries on the DC-10…😏

EDIT: Just voted!