Korean Air Cargo 747-400F

Korean Air Cargo 747-400F

Via Korean Air Cargo

About the Korean Air Cargo 747-400F

Korean Air Cargo currently operates four 747-4B5F(ER) aircraft that fly medium cargo hauls around Southeast Asia. It holds up to 259,153 lbs of cargo and has a maximum range of a bit over 4500 nautical miles.

Why Should We Have This Aircraft?

Korean Air has a vast cargo fleet, which is currently only represented by the 777-200F in IF. The 747-400F played a huge part of its cargo fleet before retirement and replacement by 747-8F variants started. I would love to see this marvelous cargo aircraft in IF if we get a 747-400F addition, and maybe even a 747-400BCF.

This feature request is moderator approved.

Yes, also the Korean Air 747-8F would be very nice to have in the game. The truth is that there are few 747 that are in the game today, it would not be bad if they added more. very good post