Korean Air Boeing 787-9

Hello 👋

I uploaded this topic because of Korean Air 787-9 Livery.

First, Korean Air is one of the representative Airlines in Republic of Korea.

Second, I had played IF pro for 1 month,
There is 787-9 in Japan Airlines, and 787-10 in All Nippon Airlines… But there is No KOREAN AIRLINES.

Third, Korean Air had ranked 18th in IATA , so It is VERY ADVANCED Airlines.

I’ll very Thanks to you on behalf of the IF Korean users.

I am looking forward to add this livery.

Thank you for read this Long Topic. 🙏❤


Hello there! What a great request, unfortunately it’s a duplicate, this one has 22 votes. Feel free to continue there.


Vote for above feature request if you want to see this in the sim