Korean Air Boeing 777-3B5(ER) Skyteam Livery

Airline: Korean Air
Registration: HL7783
Aircraft: Boeing 777-3B5(ER)

Hello! Welcome to my first feature request!

Korean Air is the flag carrier of South Korea. Korean Air currently operates 26 of the Boeing 777-300ER. I think this livery would be a great addition to the B77W rework and a new special alliance livery added to the game would encourage users to fly more liverys like this. I would love to see this livery in-game with the rework.

I do not own the photo. Credits here (p.s. this is my first features request as mentioned above, so some advice on what to add/remove will be helpful!)

Thanks for Reading!

  • I would like this livery in game🤩
  • No.

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Cool request! I’ll vote if it picks up in popularity. :)

But @Shane, we need you to vote so that we increase popularity. The popularity’s not just gonna rise without doing anything.


Nice livery. Would be amazing to fly this in Infinite flight

Nice! I voted it

I wish this livery comes out soon

We neeeeed this!

The odds of this livery going live in infinite flight are slim. infinite flight rarely (hardly ever) produces some special edition, limited edition aircraft livery.


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beautiful livery, it would be nice to have some skyteam and one world and star alliance liveries on some of these airplanes.