Korean air boeing 747-8i to dubai

Seoul Incheon to Dubai in the Boeing 747-8 intercontinental of Korean air. It was a nice flight including nice scenery. The flight time was around ten hours because we had to hold before they gave us landing clearance in Dubai. To optimise the realism we measured the altitude in meters instead of feet above China. The cruise speed was mach 0.86 and it took place on the expert server.

Information about this flight;

   • Server: expert server 
   • Aircraft: Boeing 747-8 intercontinental 
   • Livery: Korean air
   • Route: RKSI-OMDB 
   • Callsign: Korean 747 heavy 
   • Altitude: fl320 - fl341 - fl361 - fl380
   • Speed: mach 0.86 
   • Flight time: 10 hours and 12 minutes 

Views from the control tower.






On final.



Tomorrow I’ll post a screenshots and videos topic about a flight from London Heathrow to Ho Chi Minh City in the Vietnam Airlines Boeing 787-9.


Oh nice work! Also thank you for visiting RKSI🙏

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I here that’s a lovely place to fly nowadays ;)
I like the landing shot!

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Lovely pictures man, great flight. Might check it out myself. Cheers

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Thank you!

I did this flight when they still flew above Afghanistan in real life btw.

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Thanks man, appreciate it! Cheers!

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Always such beautiful photos, continue!

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@I_AM_KOREAN_FOX @GEnx @seoho_ss check these screenhots :)


Thank you! I’ll continue for sure!

Amazing! The best livery for 747-8i so far.

Thanks for the reminder, they’re great! It would’ve been perfect if the 747-8 had a rework, but it’s still awesome :)

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Great Shot!!

I want to Board Cosmo Suite 2.0 Lol (The Best First Class of the Korean Air 🤣)

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