Korean Air B772 Shanghai - Seoul

Today I did a flight from Shanghai Pudong (ZSPD) to Seoul Incheon (RKSI) in a Korean Air 777-200! Here are some pictures from the journey! šŸ‡°šŸ‡· šŸ‡ØšŸ‡³

  1. Holding short runway 35R in Shanghai behind a China Eastern A350 on its way to Taipei

  2. Taking off from Shanghai on runway 35R

  3. Climbing out of China šŸ‡ØšŸ‡³

  4. A busy airspace with an Air China 737 from Seoul on its way to Hong Kong and a 747-SCA from Shanghai to Seoul, thousands of feet below

  5. Descending into a cloudy South Korea

  6. Seoul is in sight!

  7. Views of Korea

  8. Approach on runway 16 in Seoul

  9. Touchdown!

  10. Two South Korean airlines together! šŸ‡°šŸ‡·

Thank you for looking at my photos! Please feel free to like and comment!

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Hi guys! Iā€™m quite new to posting here so please feel free to give any feedback or check out my other posts! Thank you :))

Beautiful shots, nice job!

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I really like the photo with the B737 and B747SCA.

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