Korean Air A380 takeoff (viewed from my House)

Sorry about the quality. I didn’t have enough time to take out my Camera and telescope :/
PS: it is a KAL A380, I checked FlightRadar and I know the schedule of this aircraft already anyway (usually takes off at 2:30ish EST)


I usually see a Lufthansa A380 fly over my school about 1:10pm-ish. I also saw an Emirates A380 fly about 1,000ft over me while I was at a parking lot, it looks so awesome from close!

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Your telling me? The mounds of Brookville Park has 22L/R approaches less than twice as high as St. Maarten :)

That’s awesome! I wish I lived in New York! SF has to do it for me, I don’t mind :D

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The Renaissance hotel next to London Heathrow is pretty good as the hotel room overlooks runway 27R and you can watch everything that’s going on on the airfield it’s amazing!

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That sounds awesome! London must have a bunch of heavies flying by!

I sadly have no large airports where I live, but my house is close to an approach pattern and you can see anything from CRJs to A320s overhead.

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This is a YouTube video showing the view from the hotel http://youtu.be/APji8rI-ubI

I sort of live right next to Hong Kong International but at my boarding school I live near Victoria. There is nothing bigger then a 737 landing there which sucks